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Food: strong drivers leading a robust deal making activity

ottobre 2016 | Flash insights

The Food Industry landscape is rapidly changing and experiencing a wave of consolidation driven by strong catalysts that are reshaping the industry and fueling a robust M&A activity.

Global M&A: summer break? No thanks!

settembre 2015 | Flash Note

Summer global M&A has not been really affected by concerns of China’s economy and persisting European instability. Quite busy August with global M&A up by 12.7% in value, notwithstanding a drop in number of deals. Q4 expected positive.

10 common M&A mistakes to avoid

febbraio 2014 | Flash insights

Ten common mistakes to be avoided in an M&A transaction, to make your deal succeeding.

M&A craving seems to be slowly getting back, even in Italy

agosto 2013 | Flash Note

Even if the scenario still remains quite weak, the M&A market seems showing some positive signals, driven by certain key drivers leading a slow recovery.

Private equity and generational change

giugno 2013 | Flash insights

Analysis of the role of the private equity as one the most valuable solutions to generational change issues in family owned businesses.

Private equity at northeast in 2012

giugno 2013 | Market commentary

Overview of the investment activity of private equity funds in northeast based Italian companies during 2012.