We are a team of passionate, bright and qualified individuals with integrated multi-disciplinary skills across M&A, strategy consulting, financial advisory and business management. We combine strong competencies with a profound knowledge of the territory’s dynamics and a significant hands-on experience across many industries.

We help companies along their value creation process by successfully managing every aspect of a deal. All team members play an active role in the execution of the mandates through an operating model based on flexible project teams led by a referring senior partner. Should we need assistance in understanding a specific sector or in executing a particular deal, we can also rely on the support of external trusted professionals we collaborate with, with a profile in line with the mandate we are managing.

Our team is firstly made by people, and that is the reason why our approach aims to be different: we are passionate and committed in everything we do but we like not to take us too seriously and we don’t lose opportunity to smile. We firmly believe in the importance of positive relationships at workplace and outside as a key base of our culture.

Gerardo Dal Piva

Sole Administrator

Marco Costamagna

Associate Partner

Pier Francesco Alessi

Associate Partner